Updoing Some Upstyle’s!

I’m so excited to be creating what I consider to be some fabulous upstyle’s perfect for any bride to wear on her special day.  It has been my goal to create styles that will make the woman wearing them feel sexy, feel glamerous and feel like the princess she is for her special day or event.  As a hairstylist who has focused most of my career on color and cutting, I feel dressing hair has stretched me creativly and forced me to grow so much outside of my box and in a direction I never saw myself going.  However, I’m so excited that it has!   In these past five months I have created over 150 styles and have probably spent over 450 hours working on them.  I am proud of the time I have spent working on my hair dressing skills and because my hard work and dedication I have seen beautiful results come out of it.

Why do I do this…?  I have asked myself this question and have really dived into what drives me to work so hard on improving my skills in all aspects of hair.  The answer I came up with is simple really, it’s because it’s my passion.  We all have passions inside of us, the thing that lights us up and puts a smile on our face, the thing we can’t stop thinking about from the time we wake up until we lay down to fall asleep.  The thing that challenges us, but even though it does we are unwilling to give up because we love it too much to not try and move forward.  My passion comes from loving to create beauty.  My passion comes from the smiles I’ve seen and the instant confidence boost that takes place when a woman’s beauty on the outside reflects that on her insides.  I love that I can be a part of making someone feel special and amazing!

I’d love to style your hair for your special day, whatever that day might be!

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