What INSPIRED you in the 1st place?

As we grow and life’s circumstances change I find myself envisioning what the next 5 years in my career and personal life will look like.  My husband and I were sipping wine the other night, (as we often do)  pondering that exact question…  What will our life really look like in 5 years time?  We couldn’t believe what we saw!


I began to think about what inspired me in the first place to get into this industry full of hair, makeup and wonderfulness.  That’s when it came to me!  AhhhhHaaa, that exciting moment promised to us by all our hair teachers in cosmo school.  Usually AhhhHaaa moments were those of learning experiences and possibilities for growth disguised in the form of mistakes.

This AhhhHaaa moment brought me back to the exact moment I decided that I wanted to do hair.  I was assisting a friend of mine who was doing bridal makeup… really I was just along for the ride eagerly waiting to jet to the beach with her after she was done.  I had no idea I’d have so much fun in this experience and be so inspired.  In this memory I realized that I met my future husband and decided on my future career on the same day.  I’d say that was one productive day!  After assisting her we did head to the beach and I did meet my future husband.  No Sh*%!  Another funny coincidence, after moving to Texas with my babe and living their for 8 years, longing to be back in sunny California, who knew we would end up moving to the very town we met.  We never would have guessed that.

I had so much fun watching the girls do makeup and bridal hair and I thought to myself, if I could make money doing this and be surrounded by such joy, there is absolutely no way I couldn’t be fulfilled in life.  As the years went on and anxieties started to build I backed off from what once was my inspiration in the first place.  I found that if I wasn’t perfect at something off the bat then I backed far away from it for the fear of messing up.  So I ended up staying away from updos and styling hair, specifically what I wanted to do most, bridal hair.  However, as I look back, whenever I did try it I was really pretty good at it!


This brings me to my conclusion.  I realize that I’m going to step out of my comfort zone, set a new goal for myself and bring my visions to reality.  The very vision I had in the first place.  I will be doing bridal hair soon, this I know!  I will be good at it and I will make lots of people smile along the way!  Cheers to trying something new, whatever that may be for you!  Do it, why not!!!    updo3



Melissa, xo