Oscar Predictions!

The OSCARS are almost here, I can’t hardly wait until Sunday… YAY! 

oscars   ellen

I look forward every year to watching the Oscars as I feel they are truly the most glamorous of all award shows.  I am thrilled that Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting, her genuine smile and light hearted funny personality will make the long show a breeze to sit through!  I can already hear the sarcasm coming out of Joan River’s mouth and can’t help myself  from feeling sorry for her soon to be, latest fashion victim.  I’m also preparing myself for Kelly Osborne to upset me a time or two dissing a gown that I find to be stunning.  But most of all prayers are being said to the ‘Fashion & Hair Gods’ for all of the stylists taking part in this event.  Wether it be in fashion or hair and makeup these artists visions and talents are going to be seen by millions, I can only imagine how nerve wracking yet exciting this moment will be!

I look forward to seeing what one of my biggest idols, Rachel Zoe will conjure up for her handful of big name beauties.  Knowing her, we are sure to see some white gowns somewhere in the mix and I’m guessing some powdery fresh pastels as well!

I’m sure it’s fun for most of us to guess who will take home an Oscar, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I have more fun guessing what fashion trends will be seen on these talented nominees.  I love watching and spending  time studying the hair color trends, makeup choices, and styling decisions that the best in the business came up with for the biggest stars to present to us! Yippppeeee! ttt

My predictions:

Dress Colors Powdery Fresh Pastels and Orchid Purple.


Makeup Trends – Fresh and light with a lot of hi-lighting and Contouring.  Plum, Pink and Orange Lipstick shades as well as some Pale Pink Neutrals.

zoe2 oscarhilights chachasmall magenta

Hair – Low Ponytails, Slicked Back Sides and some Tousled Waves low pony slicked oscars    slickedback

Stay Tuned, I can’t wait to report my findings!

Love, Melissa xo b