On Cloud 9 With my NEW Beauty Finds!


I’m on Cloud 9 with my new ‘CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT’ beauty finds!   Just like a wardrobe needs to stay current, so does your makeup!  I’ve had so much fun playing with different lip shades, cheek colors and eye candy this week and have found some products that are truly unlike any I’ve ever experienced. z

Lip color is something I find to be so personal, not every shade out there is suited for every individual, so finding the ones that work best with your skin tone is so important to your overall look.  I think of it like choosing paint colors for your walls at home, the wrong shade can really mess up the entire feel.  On the contrary picking the right shade can spunk up and warm up a room becoming the perfect accessory that your home needs to add that special touch, showing off your signature style.  Since bright colorful lip shades are so popular right now, 5 out of my 9 beauty finds are lip colors that are deliciously phenomenal!

1,2 and 3 came as a set I found at Sephora called, Sephora + Pantone Universe Radiant Paint Gloss Trio.   These shades are full of pigment and go on super smooth, rich and creamy, each shade embodying its own unique eye popping signature tone.  Since the names Sephora gave these glosses are numeric, I decided why not give them their own unique name that suits their appearance.  Below is the names I came up with next to their real numeric titles.

1.  SephoraPantone 17-1424Naturally Nude – A high pigment nude, not too brown, not too pink, I find it to be the perfect nude shade that will easily go with any skin tone and outfit.

2.  SephoraPantone 14-2710 – Marshmallow – Opaque yet sheer, this shade is perfect worn underneath the other 2 shades to add a ‘true to tone’ bright look for the Naturally Nude and Radiant Orchid lip colors.  Worn alone gives a see-through marshmallow appearance that can make your lips look super enticing.

3.  SephoraPantone 18-3224Radiant Orchid – This trio claims to be inspired by what Sephora calls this years most “covetable color, Radiant Orchid.”  So I thought why not name it, Radiant Orchid.  It’s absolutely bright  and beautiful, even more so when worn on top of the Marshmallow or (Pantone 14-2710) shade.

Shades 4 & 5 are Matte Creme Lip Crayons I found from Bite Beauty.  What makes these shades so unique and special is that they are high pigment matte colors that can look vibrant and rich, or provide a natural looking stain to the lips, much like a juicy popsicle does after you have devoured it.  These are my, “are you wearing lipstick, lipsticks” that I have fallen head over heals with and can not, and will not be without again!  These lip crayons are naturally derived from orange peel wax which help protect the lips and seal in moisture while providing a waterproof layer to them.   Although they are high in pigment I like to apply them lightly on top of concealer.  I focus the application in the center of my lips and then lightly blend outward with a lip brush creating a soft ombre effect.  This can actually make the lips appear larger.  Absolutely stunning and so on trend!

4.  Bite BeautyMatte Creme Lip Crayon in (Sweety) – A perfect coral, poppy shade that is neither too pink or too orange.

5.  Bite BeautyMatte Creme Lip Crayon in (Clementine) – Orange is the new Red, so enjoy this shade as delicate or as vibrant as you may wish.

6.  BenefitStay Don’t Stray – This product is intended to do 2 things, the first being a primer for your eyeshadows, the second as a under eye concealer.  When choosing an eyeshadow primer the most important thing I look for is one that does not crease.  If it creases your eyeshadows can end up looking spotty with built up pigment in the creases resulting in not so glamorous eye appeal.  However I find with this particular product it stays put all day and never creases, hence the name, Stay Don’t Stray.  Although matte, it is incredibly nude and not completely opaque.  I think this helps the product not to crease.  Also who doesn’t like a product that can serve more then one purpose?!  It is excellent worn as an under eye concealer that will help to brighten up pesky under eye circles leaving you with a fresh, wide awake appearance.

7.  BenefitHigh Brow – Linen Pink – Are you looking for an instant eyebrow lift?  If so then this is your go to product.  I apply it right under the arch of my eyebrow and it seems to pop that area of the eye making my arch look higher and leaves my eyes appearing brighter and more awake.

8.  Elf – Contouring Blush & Bronzer – I love these shades as I feel they are the 2 perfect shades for the cheeks and as a sun-kissed tan bronzer.  The best part about it, it’s under 4$.  If you love a peachy cheek this shade is perfect, it adds a hint of shimmer, not over the top… just the right amount.  As for the bronzer it adds the perfect sun-kissed tan look that can be used as a contouring tool as well!  It’s a must ‘buy and try’ and for less than 4$ you can’t beat it.  Truly the best beauty steal I have ever purchased.

9.  Makeup Forever, High Definition Blush Creme #225 – This is another perfect peachy cheek shade.  If you haven’t tried a creme blush yet, what are you waiting for?  I love a dewy look to my skin and creme blush provides exactly that.  I find they also stay put and give your cheeks a very natural hint of color.  I like this worn lightly over the Elf Contour cheek shade I listed as my #8 product find.

I hope you get your hands on some of these products, I seriously don’t know how I have gone this long without them.  I am very picky with products, so trust me when I say these 9 beauty finds will not disappoint!  Enjoy!

m, Melissa xo