Maintenance Mayhem!

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!

Jobs, kids, grocery shopping, working out, cleaning, organizing, and managing to keep up a social life in the meantime, leaves us hardly any time these days to keep ourselves looking our best. Are pesky gray’s finding their new home around your hairline? Are you a light and lustrous (not so natural blonde) that even a few weeks worth of grow out leaves you feeling like your investment in the salon was a waste? The good news is some of this years hottest hair trends are full of ideas to keep your hair looking better, and lasting longer. The key to this is what I

call the “POP” and Dimension!

If you just can’t fathom not having your hair at it’s lightest platinum state, then what you are really saying is that you want to see light around your face. It’s not necessarily that every hair on your head needs to be as white as freshly fallen snow, it’s that you know you like to see pops of brightness framing your face bringing out your beautiful features.  Think of it like the picture frame you chose to hold your favorite piece of art.  In the case of hair color, your face is the art and your hair color is the frame.

My idea’s for blondes wanting to be more blonde: Take your base color down a shade or 2 and leave the hair around your face and at the ends gleaming bright. If you are feeling braver then ever, let’s add some dimension. We don’t have to go all CRAZY, how about just adding a few lolightes underneath your part. This way when you curl your hair that dimension  popping through will make your hair look like a piece of art!

My idea’s for brunettes wanting to be blonde: 1st consider your skin tone. 2nd, don’t start with light right at the root.  Fading a darker shade into a lighter one makes a brunette/blonde appear more natural, this also gives you the opportunity to go as bright as you want on the ends without making it seem that you are trying to look like a natural blonde.  Instead it will leave you looking sun-kissed and like you just got off the runway of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  Lily Aldridge isn’t a hair icon for no reason. Have you ever seen a makeover show and thought to yourself… WOW, that person looks so much better in her after shot? This is because the stylist took into consideration the natural features the client had and worked with those to enhance her natural beauty. Look into your eyes and notice what light colors sparkle in your eyes? Do you have a warm or cool skin tone? Don’t be afraid of a little warmth, 90% of the time warmth can make you look alive and glowing like you just got back from a 2 week vacation in St. Bartes.  In addition it will leave your locks looking healthy and shiny.

Here are 2 examples of hair with some POP and Dimension!  I’d like to note that the blonde still has the look of light and bright, but did you know that her maintenance is going to be 1/4 the amount of time then what it would be if she was light from the roots down to the ends.  Also notice how the dark makes the light appear even more bright!

blonde pop

Notice that in the picture of Lily Aldridge, she still has lots of dark, but  what you notice is how the light around her face was designed perfectly to enhance her skin tone and bring out the sparkle of light tones in her eyes. The hilightes start right where her eyes lie, drawing our attention to her peepers and making them POP!  Let your hair color enhance your beauty.  Being blonder is not always better, it’s what you do with the light that counts!

lily vs hair


My Work – The bottom 4 pics are of work I did on my beautiful friend Angelika’s hair.  We used to do her hair super light and ashy blonde.  When she got pregnant we took her dark and after the baby we brought some beautiful Lily Aldridge light back into her life.  I have to say I think she looks pretty AMAZING any way she does it! You can see the transitions that took place from when I did it light and ashy blonde to dark and then back to the light again using the ombre balayage technique.

ash angelika angelika hair angelika 2 angelika

Let me know if you’d like any other tips!

L, Melissa