Inspiration into Art…. Huh?

When viewing a collection of art, be it from a fashion designer, photographer, painter, hair stylist, makeup artist and the list goes on, it seems their is always one universal question asked of them.  Think about it….. yup you got it, “What is the inspiration for your collection?” While it seems like an easy concept to grasp, I for one am confused at the mere thought of this idea.  I mean, I know what inspires me but how do I convey this in the art of hair styling?

If only I was a landscape artist, I could watch a coral sunset in a pretty floral field and then paint my version of what I saw. This, I can totally understand, but creating my version of inspiration in a hairstyle is another story. Isn’t this ability, to be able to turn inspiration into art, what makes a true artist anyways? Or, on second thought, is it having the skill set in your craft, be so vast that you are able to create art freely when you are actually, inspired?  Put those two together and then BAM, magic happens!

How can I be great at this???  What I’ve decided is,  as a hair stylists it is most important to learn and master the techniques of our craft by filling our tool box with as many tricks as we can possibly think of.  This way, when it comes time to building  a collection or a style from inspiration, we can open up our tool box of techniques and use those to create our art.  I feel it is easier to be inspired and feel more free to create if you have a plethora of ideas and skills to work from.  For instance, if I wanted to create hairstyles inspired the 1920’s I would be at a pretty large disadvantage if I didn’t know how to create proper finger waves.


My – Cinco De Mayo – Inspired Hairstyle

As an artist, I for one, get so excited when I learn something new that I just want to dive right into it, often times taking shortcuts that diminish the quality of my work. The right way and actually the least time consuming way entails not skipping steps!  Let’s take a pastry chef for example, if they figured out how to make the perfect dough for their pastries but got too excited to chill the dough before they rolled it out, wouldn’t they be left with a mess?   Let’s take a painter for example.  What if a painter didn’t put a primer on a red wall and went straight to painting it white, what would it look like?  Most likely, not very good. Have you found that skipping steps creates more work for you anyways?  That painter painting that wall is now going to have to do endless amounts of coats of paint to make it look right, where as if he had just set the job up correctly in the first place the paint would have worked the way he wanted and knew it could. Easy, simply and beautifully!

As I continue on with the next 50 weeks of of my 365 updo’s in 365 day challenge I am going to take this very seriously.  I believe our habits become our technique.  I’m going to make doing things the right way my habit!  This means taking the time to blow the hair out properly, using the right products and setting my updo up for success before I even start putting it up.

When it comes time to turn your inspiration into art, have plenty of tools in your tool box, and trust that your practiced good habits and techniques will be there for you to help your vision become a reality!!

Love,  Melissa x0