Brass Attack! My product find from the BTC Color Show :)

Brass Attack!  My product find from the BTC Color Show :)

As we welcome the New Year, I’d like to share with you from time to time some NEW products I come across that I feel are worthy of a whole lot of praise!   Am I going to overwhelm you with a fave new product of the day so you end up with 20 detanglers and 15 glosses?, No.  That said, I’m going to shout from the roof tops when I find something that is too good to pass by.

In October, right before I moved back to Los Angeles from Texas, I was lucky enough to attend the BTC Color Show in New Orleans.  I met some of my favorite and inspirational colorists, Tracy Cunningham and Kim Vo to name a few and I discovered what I now call one of my favorite cities in the U.S., New Orleans!

me and tracey kim vo

To sum it up, I had a blast :).  One of the many perks of attending the show was getting a backpack full of goodies for us stylists to try out.  I couldn’t get to my room fast enough to open it up and see what all was inside. Giving a girl a bag of hair products is like Santa giving a young boy a stocking full of new Skylanders,,, it’s AWESOME! goodies

After testing it all out… a few weeks later, I discovered 3 which are now my new faves!  Today I’ll mention one and in the upcoming week I’ll tune you in to my other 2.

#1 FAVE – BED HEAD TIGI – Dumb Blonde, Toning Protection Spray


Why I love it – It’s a product that protects your hair from heat while the violet toners within it helps to fight the brassiness that likes to sneak it’s way back to attack.  I love to spray just a pump or 2 in my hands and work it into my root area where I tend to see the most brass.  I find it doesn’t weigh my fine hair down and it DOES keep my brass in check which I LOVE.

We all know when brass attacks it’s no fun if it is unwelcome.  Another tip to fight brass is to try and use a purple shampoo once a week. I wouldn’t however, recommend using it more then that because you might be surprised with some premature gray in your hair that you simply aren’t ready for ;).

Hope this helps!

x, Melissa xo

P.S. – If you ever get a chance to visit New Orleans… GO.  The vibe is unforgettable.