Baby Blonde in NO TIME!

Baby Blonde in NO TIME!

I love looking at my daughters hair and staring at the natural hilightes that wrap around her sweet little curly q’s.  It’s amazing the way the sun can give us the perfect hilightes without ever having to visit a salon.  That is of course until we get older and start experimenting with hair color.  If I had to count the number of friends or women I know without any hair color in their hair, my answer would be… hmmmmm, let me think about thisZERO.  So, I leave it up to the youngsters to gather my inspiration from.  They help me to create stunning natural hilighting and placement techniques so that we can all have beautifully sun-kissed hair, just like the little ones we love.

As a mom of 2… my daughter currently in her terrible 2’s phase (fun times z) my schedule can become a bit hectic and unfortunately my hair falls at the bottom of my priority list. :(((   This doesn’t change the fact that I too, just like my clients, want to have beautiful hair that makes me look and feel my absolute best.   As a result I’ve come up with a technique and schedule, to give myself a version of baby blonde hair that is super low maintenance.   I do my base color every 2 months and hilightes twice a year.   My base color (inspired by my daughter Charleigh) was no easy feat to come up with.  It took me years to perfect.  I think all of us blondes can agree that the perfect neutral-ashy but not too ashy base is hard to come by.  What do you think, does our hair color look alike???

Photo on 12-23-14 at 10.47 AM #2

I bring my hair plan up to you, to show you that it IS possible to remain happy  with your hair,,, the key is to come up with a plan that works with the amount of time and money you would like to invest on your hair!  Talk to your stylist about it so that he or she can come up with a maintenance schedule that works for you.   Sure, I’d like to have foiled and balayaged hilightes every 2 to 3 months, but truthfully I just don’t have the time.   I’d rather do something that allows my hair to look good 95% of the time than chose a color and style that entails way more money and maintenance then I have time for.

I hope this helps you think about a time and dollar amount that you would like to spend on your hair this year.  Bring this up to your stylist and make 2015 your BEST and EASIEST hair year yet!

q, Melissa