I’m loving the color Plum right now, which I think we’ll be seeing quite a bit of this year, in 2014.  I had so much fun changing up my clients look today to this, Pretty and Plumtastic shade!      We have been doing a beautiful, ginger copper-red color formula on her for quite some time now, but decided we couldn’t go through this winter without trying a new, rich and vibrant shade.  The moment I took her back to my chair to present the big reveal,  I could tell she would not be disappointed.  Her new hair color was the perfect compliment to her big, bright and beautiful, blue eyes, which now were as piercing as the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

So much about being a great colorist is the ability to identify which shades will look great on your clients.   An amazing teacher at Paul Mitchell School once taught me, one of the main reasons a client will leave their stylist is because they simply get bored.  Look at your client, study her face and skin tone and make some fun suggestions. Since you are the professional, they will more often then not trust your opinion.  If they don’t, well at least you tried!