Video, How to Apply Mineral Makeup!

Hi Everyone,

Here is the you tube link of my first “how to” video titled,  “How to Apply Mineral Makeup.”

Since I wrote a blog posting titled “Flawless Foundation,” I thought why not demonstrate how easy this makeup is to apply and how amazing it can make your skin look and feel!

Through this process, I’ve decided that, seeing myself on camera is far more awkward than I ever thought possible!  I understand now why so many movie stars have a difficult time watching themselves in their own films.  When I started the editing process, I found myself critiquing my looks in a million different ways, rather then spending the majority of my time on what I should of been doing, fixing the actual filming errors.   I guess we all have horrible habits of picking ourselves apart. The truth is, I think this process of filming tutorials is going to help me love and accept myself and all my imperfections more, as those imperfections are a part of what makes me, me.  I’m sure the things we see as flaws, are sometimes the very things that others love about us!   So I’m going to keep filming and learn to be kinder to myself.  Enjoy and bare with me, I’m a beginner at making movies.

Love, Melissa

P.S. – I think this is an amazing picture of Gisele Bundchen on the cover of Porter Magazine.  Her makeup shows just how youthful and healthy an amazing foundation with a few touches of hilighter can make you look.  This is how I feel the correct application of mineral makeup can make your skin appear, simply flawless! This video can help you achieve the look.


Also, I’m loving the song by John Legend called, “All of You.”   It’s amazing to hear a man say that he loves a woman for all of her imperfections!  Check it out on you tube: