Flawless Foundation!


The most important part of a great makeup application is the canvas that it is done on, the tools it is applied with and the knowledge of how that product is to be used.   The popular wine and art hangouts, Painting With a Twist and Pinots Palette seems to have figured this out.  They almost make it impossible for you to fail by setting you up for success, giving you the proper paint, canvas, brushes and a teacher full of artistic knowledge instructing you step by step how to apply it.  The wine is an added bonus!   I’m going to be your art teacher today and teach you about a flawless foundation that will give you the most amazing canvas you need for your perfect makeup application. If you are a more a visual learner, watch my video tutorial called, “How to Apply Mineral Makeup.”

My Foundation Pick – Glo Minerals Bases

Glo Minerals has several different foundation formulations to chose from, depending on  your skin type and the amount of coverage that you need.  They are a pharmaceutical grade makeup line, which I love because I know the ingredients are always of the highest quality.  It’s no surprise that major Hollywood Celebrities such as  Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Julia Roberts, Paris Hilton and many more, are using mineral makeup as their go to foundation.  If you would like to better understand what it means to be a “pharmaceutical grade makeup,” and the difference between mineral makeup and others, take a glance at this insightful article written by, Julie Beun called “Guide to Mineral Makeup.”

Guide to mineral makeup.

My favorite of all is – Glo Minerals, Protective Liquid Foundation – Satin II Finish.

Skin types – all but oily

Benefits –  contains a blend of vitamins a,c,e and green tea.

I love this formula because it is a buildable, medium to full coverage foundation.  I like my skin to look covered yet a tad dewy at the same time, providing a healthy luminous glow to the skin.  Since your skin and foundation are your canvas, let’s make sure that we prep the skin correctly before application.  First cleanse the skin (I like to use a light exfoliant,) pat dry and apply a light moisturizer.  My go to moisturizer is Neutrogena’s Oil Free with sunscreen.  Let the moisturizer sit for just a minute making sure it does not settle all the way into the skin, which will leave it a tad moist.  I say this because, minerals love moisture and if your skin is dry, the makeup will not spread smoothly the way it was intended, giving it the name, Satin Finish.  Next apply a pea sized amount to your finger tips, yes this is my tool of choice.  I find using your fingers is the best option for me, A – my fingers are clean, and brushes aren’t always, B – the product is not wasted and C – it provides a very smooth finish.  One tube of this makeup can last me anywhere from 3 to 4 months and I use it every day! Next,  dot the makeup to the different areas of the face and lightly blend downward, making sure everything looks perfectly blended and smooth.   Make sure to stay away from the eye area.  Once this is applied you are finished! Walla!  How hard was that?

My Celebrity color match is Kate Hudson, we both wear Golden Light.  Below is a link where you can compare your skin tone to that of a celebrity and see what color you should wear.  Have fun!


Color Matching with Celebs | glo.