Afternoon Beauty Snack Fact: Men LOVE Women’s Hair and We LOVE Theirs!

Afternoon Beauty Snack Fact, Men LOVE  women’s hair and we LOVE theirs!

I came across a fun read this afternoon that I thought I’d share. In 2012 popular dating site did their 3rd annual study called, Singles In America.  One of the key things they found in this study is that, the top 3 things men first judge women on are their teeth, grammar and HAIR.  The funny thing is women judge men on those exact same things.  There are many other very interesting finds in this study such as; myths about marriage, dating in a digital world, one night stands, friends-with-benefits, texting and sexting and the list goes on.  Fun read I must say, check it out at: Presents Singles in America 2012 | Official Blog.

Wether your hair is short and sassy or long and luscious, shiny healthy hair is what stands out most!  Express yourself and be yourself, your perfect mate will love and appreciate you just the way you are, after all your unique style is a part of what makes you, you!

Love, Melissa xo


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