Dark Circle Dilema!



Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are honestly something I was lucky enough to escape until I had children.   It’s like, I woke up one day, from my newly adopted 3 hour sleep cycle to a horrible site…. red, puffy, watery eyes outlined in huge, grayish-purple what I hate to call “raccoon goggles.”  I almost wondered if I was so delirious from lack of sleep, that I possibly forgot I went out the night before and managed to get myself in to a rumble.    Sadly it was just a new trend that I would now be sporting often.  As a result, I put my thinking cap on and tried to scrape up enough brains cells from what I lost due to “pregnancy brain,” to help me decided how I was going to conquer these raccoon goggles once and for all.


Although I figured that lack of sleep was surely the culprit to my newly tired eyes, I wanted to understand the science behind what makes this happen. To my surprise I found out that dark cycles under the eye is the #2 dermalogical complaint next to acne.    I also learned that many other things can cause dark circles and puffiness other then lack of sleep.   Allergies, diet, a possible Vitamin K deficiency, genetics, dehydration and aging could all play a role in this problem. Did you know that the bluish-purple tint we see under our eyes is merely a reflection of the blood vessels that lie beneath some of the thinnest skin in our body, the skin under our eyes?  I had no clue!


In my quest to conquer this battle I tried countless products that promise a cure to this uttlery irritating eye issue.  To my surprise I actually found a few that work!  My favorite of all is by a company called, Frownies and the product they make which I love most is called, Eye Gels.  After just one treatment the Eye Gels seriously reduced the appearance of my fine lines and puffiness.   Frownies states that “prevention is your best action,” to combat this problem, so weekly treatments are key.  Frownies are super easy to use; simply wash your face, gently apply the under eye gel and let it sit for 30 minutes.  I love that they come in a pack of 3 and can be used several times if you care for them correctly.  Below is a picture of the Eye Gels being used. In addition to Eye Gels, they have many other topical products that help to fight wrinkles.  For more information check out this product on their website,

Natural Skin Care Products | Anti Aging Products | Frownies.

After learning that prevention is the best combat to under eye wrinkles I thought, how can my creams best be absorbed so that I can benefit from all the ingredients within them?   The tool I found and LOVE is called the “Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infuser.”  Hollywood Hottie, Gweneth Paltrow calls this a ‘wonder gadget’ and chose it as one of her “goop” picks!  I say if it’s good enough for Gweneth, it’s good enough for me!

opal gwenpal

According to Clarisonic it is “a palm-sized sonic infusion device, that is specially designed to help build skin’s resilience over time. By gently tapping the skin around your eye at 200+ sonic movements per second, the Opal Sonic Infuser maximizes absorption in a way that’s not possible with your finger alone.”

I use it every time I apply an eye cream and I can honestly say I have noticed a huge difference!  Check out this product at, Opal Facial Sonic Infusion – Anti-Aging Infuser – Opal Applicator Tips – Clarisonic.

I hope these fabulous finds help you as much as they have me in fighting this Dark Circle Dilema!


Melissa xo