HAIR Is Your Best Accessory, Treat It Accordingly!

Hair is your BEST ACCESSORY!  

This is something I learned a few years back after taking a class with one of the top Celebrity Colorists out there, Nancy Braun.   She is famous for perfecting the balayage technique and has graced many famous heads of hair with her talent such as; Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Rita Wilson, Jane Lynch, Ben Stiller and many more.   I wondered then, if hair is our best accessory then why so often do we treat it like a $2 shirt we buy off a sales rack?  We take extra precautions in the way we handle our favorite shirt in our closet, making sure to follow all  of the manufacturer’s instructions and heaven for bid never putting it in the washing machine or dryer.  The funny thing is we may have only spent $75 on that shirt while our hair ends up costing us at least that, if not triple.  We also wear it right on top of our head for all the world to see, every single day.  My point being, treat your hair with care!  Listen to your stylist when they tell you to use a heat protectant on your hair before using a curling or flat iron, I promise you, more then making a commission they want you walking around as their personal billboard.  Use a good shampoo bought from a salon or beauty supply store and if you have colored hair, for pete’s sake use something that makes it last.  Black pants don’t stay black if we throw them in a washing machine full of bleach,,,, you get me!

Check out this picture below of Margot Robbie.

You might not have noticed her unexpected gorgeous Jacob & Co Spider Earrings if you weren’t first drawn to her beautiful buttery blonde hair, perfectly framing those precious pearls valued at over $7000.    But isn’t it amazing, you noticed her hair first or at least I did.


My ‘Top 10 Tips’ in treating your hair like your best accessory:

1. After washing your hair, squeeze as much water out as possible and then gently press the water out with a towel in a downward motion, rather then turning your head upside down and roughing it up like a wild banshie.

2. Spray a leave in treatment that helps get the tangles out seamlessly. I recommend, Color Fanatic by Pureology.  It has 21 benefits some of which include; color protection, a detangler, leave in conditioner,  protection and repair from heat damaged hair, split end repair and protection and many many more.  Check it out at:  Hair Treatment Spray With 21 Benefits – Colour Fanatic Pureology.


3.  Comb your hair out when wet with a wide toothed comb, not a BRUSH.  In fact never detangle your hair with a brush unless it is my beloved Mason Pearson (this brush is a miracle worker, very gentle  and worth every penny!)

comb mason

4.   If you plan on letting your hair air dry that’s fine, but first blow-dry your root area so at least your scalp is dry.  Moist areas are where bacteria form and we don’t want any  of that forming on your scalp.

5.  Start the blow drying process if possible when your hair is 80% dry.  There is no point in beating your hair up with heat when it is soaking wet.  It takes way too long and causes far too much damage.   Also when blow drying do not turn your head over and blow your hair around all over the place.  This roughs up the cuticle causing it to become frizzy and much harder to later make smooth.  Instead keep your head upright and direct the heat and your hair in a downward motion.  My recommendation of an amazing blow dryer, Rusk W8less.


6.  If you are round brushing, do not start this process until you hair is 90% dry.  You will not receive the benefits of this brush until most of the moisture is out anyways so don’t waste your time.  If you need to quickly get it 90% dry then blast it while running your fingers or wide tooth comb through it to detangle verses a brush.

7.  Never attempt to start the flat ironing or curling process unless the hair is 100% dry.  If it is wet and you take such high heat to the hair it will steam, sizzle then frizzle.  Damaged hair is unhappy hair and we certainly don’t want that.   Flat iron recommendation, Babyliss Nano Titanium.  Curling iron recommendation, Hot Tools Pro  1 1/4″ for big beachy curly.

nano            hotcurl

8.  When using a heating tool on your hair use a heat protectant.  Think about it like sunscreen, without it our skin would burn.  Hair feels the same way when you forget to protect it with some type of heat protectant, fried and burned.   My recommendation Paul Mitchell, Hot Off The Press.

hott off

9. Try not to wash your hair every single day.  If you have fine hair or are a gym rat like me and feel like your hair goes super flat if you don’t wash it, I have a trick for you.  Take a shower and wet your hair, only applying conditioner on your ends.  This way you won’t strip the hair of all its natural oils and still receive the benefits of a fresh feeling doo.

10.  When you get your hair colored make sure you listen to the recommendations of your professional hairstylist.  They are a professional for a reason.  They studied hair and spent thousands of hours on their craft to try and give you the best hair advice possible.  If they tell you that you should not lighten your hair that day, listen it’s for your own good.  Having 2 strands of hair left on your head that are bleach blonde is far less attractive then having a head full of hair with honey and golden tones.

I hope you keep these tricks in your back pocket and remember them every time you wonder what to accessorize your favorite outfit with. Remember it’s your hair!

Love, Melissa xo





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