Flowers & Stripes & Everything Nice!

Flowers & Stripes & Everything Nice C

Spring 2014 is going to bring some colorful and eye catching trends your way!  One of these trends that I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of is the combination of floral and stripes.  Fashion Week was filled with collections where flowers and stripes were paired in unexpected colorful combinations that were bright and stunning.    I love the Emerson Collection by Jackie Fraser Swan.  Pictured below are models strutting their stuff on the catwalk wearing her designs.    The twist to the ‘already popular stripe trend’ is that the stripe is a bit thicker and the flowers don’t have to match the color of the stripes.

flowers and stripes

Finding Inspiration Everywhere!

When doing hair color or putting together an outfit I love to be inspired!  I’ve found that by looking beyond the pages of magazines and numerous boards of Pinterest but rather into nature and the beauty that surrounds us we can get as much inspiration as we possibly need.  Look at the color combinations in flowers and trees, fish and birds and even the colors of our furry house pets.  If we get stuck on which colors will compliment one another simply look into nature for it will never stere you wrong.  This is why I’m absolutely adoring this Flowery Spring Trend!

I love the juxtaposition of flowers and stripes and the fact that although both are busy, one does not seem to upstage the other.  The pairing of these patterns enhance each others features and in the case of flowers and stripes, opposites really do attract!

bird bird2 bird3 fish

Fashion Trends Don’t Have to Stop at Clothing!

   cake stripes stripe helmet vase

Enjoy, Mix and Match and have fun for Spring is almost here!  


  flower skirt