Boho Rope Braid Tutorial

Hey Hairstyle Lovers! Check out my youtube video on how to create this “Boho Ropebraid.”   I love this look as I think it is ideal for that girl who would love to wear her hair down but still have a style.  I love this look especially because by using your imagination you can turn […]

Updoing Some Upstyle’s!

I’m so excited to be creating what I consider to be some fabulous upstyle’s perfect for any bride to wear on her special day.  It has been my goal to create styles that will make the woman wearing them feel sexy, feel glamerous and feel like the princess she is for her special day or event.  […]

Popsicle Lip How To

Hey All, Looking for some bright new summer lipstick tricks???  Click the link to view my how to video on how to create Popsicle Lips!  Enjoy!    

Inspiration into Art…. Huh?

When viewing a collection of art, be it from a fashion designer, photographer, painter, hair stylist, makeup artist and the list goes on, it seems their is always one universal question asked of them.  Think about it….. yup you got it, “What is the inspiration for your collection?” While it seems like an easy concept […]

What INSPIRED you in the 1st place?

As we grow and life’s circumstances change I find myself envisioning what the next 5 years in my career and personal life will look like.  My husband and I were sipping wine the other night, (as we often do)  pondering that exact question…  What will our life really look like in 5 years time?  We […]

Brass Attack! My product find from the BTC Color Show :)

Brass Attack!  My product find from the BTC Color Show As we welcome the New Year, I’d like to share with you from time to time some NEW products I come across that I feel are worthy of a whole lot of praise!   Am I going to overwhelm you with a fave new product of the day so […]

Baby Blonde in NO TIME!

Baby Blonde in NO TIME! I love looking at my daughters hair and staring at the natural hilightes that wrap around her sweet little curly q’s.  It’s amazing the way the sun can give us the perfect hilightes without ever having to visit a salon.  That is of course until we get older and start […]

Maintenance Mayhem!

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance! Jobs, kids, grocery shopping, working out, cleaning, organizing, and managing to keep up a social life in the meantime, leaves us hardly any time these days to keep ourselves looking our best. Are pesky gray’s finding their new home around your hairline? Are you a light and lustrous (not so natural blonde) that even […]

On Cloud 9 With my NEW Beauty Finds!

I’m on Cloud 9 with my new ‘CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT’ beauty finds!   Just like a wardrobe needs to stay current, so does your makeup!  I’ve had so much fun playing with different lip shades, cheek colors and eye candy this week and have found some products that are truly unlike any I’ve ever experienced. […]

Oscar Style Conclusions!

Wow, 2014 Oscars were amazing and made my Sunday evening quite an enjoyable one!!!  I loved watching The Oscars with my neighbor Sarah, we have lots of commentary to share between the two of us which makes it even that much more exciting.   The Academy Awards were chalked full of glamour and gorgeousness galore. […]

Oscar Predictions!

The OSCARS are almost here, I can’t hardly wait until Sunday… YAY!    I look forward every year to watching the Oscars as I feel they are truly the most glamorous of all award shows.  I am thrilled that Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting, her genuine smile and light hearted funny personality will make the long show a breeze […]