What a difference a GLAZE makes!



What a difference a GLAZE makes, seriously!  If I could change my middle name to Glaze, I think I would do it happily…. lol!   No but really, glazes are so important to the overall appearance of your clients hair color.  Is it necessary to do one after each and every color application… I guess not, but if you did,  your clients are sure to question why every time you do their hair it looks so much shinier and healthier then everywhere else they’ve been.  The simple answer, the GLAZE!  I never, and I mean never leave my hilightes what I call, “RAW.”  If you are not a professional and you are reading this, remember to ask your stylist for one, if they haven’t already suggested it.  Sometimes they are included in the price of the color, but most often they are not.   It’s a small price to pay to have your hair looking like you’re walking down the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. You can ask for a clear gloss if you don’t wish to add any additional pigment, but either way this will give you a luminous, conditioning shine that should last you around 6 weeks.

My go to Glaze product is, Redken Shades EQ Gloss’s.  They are an ammonia- free, demi permanent hair color, that can glaze, refresh, condition and add incredible shine to the hair.  The Wheat Amino Acid’s in in this product helps to lock in the moisture, as well as protect and condition the hair at the same time.  Although I am partial to this product, there are many others, and most color lines will have one.

The last few days have been such a joy for my kids and I.  My sister in law, Jodi and her son came to visit us and we always have so much fun with them.  Not only do I love seeing and spending time with Jodi, but I also enjoy the fact that we always find time to play hair and makeup!    Usually by the time we see each other though, her hair is long overdue and in desperate need of a color pick me up.  To freshen up her doo that has lost its pizazz, I did a root touch up, to cover her grey’s and an all over glaze to add some much needed luster and shine.  Take a look at the before and after picture. This is a true testament to what a simple glaze can do.


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