Not just for the girls!

keith jared

Jared Leto and Keith Urban, what can I say!  Can these 2 men get any more gorgeous?  Not only did Keith do a sexy performance of his song “Cop Car,” at the 2014 Grammy’s, but he rocked his perfectly cut and highlighted hair while doing it!  Keeping his fringe longer in his face framing his baby blues while the rest remains short, is the perfect combination of rockstar and gentleman.  As for Jared Leto, he proves that women aren’t the only ones whom can wear their hair long and hilighted.  Leaving his base color close to his natural, with ombre hilightes on the ends, keeps his hair looking sun kissed and masculine without looking like he spent hours at the salon.  Let’s face it ladies an effortless man is a sexy man!

My interpretation of Jared Leto’s Color Formula


Natural Level – 5/6
Hair Condition – Normal/Thick


Always follow manufacturers mixing instructions which may vary depending on color line. Only to be applied and mixed by a licensed cosmetology professional.

Color Line: Redken Chromatics
Roots – 1 oz 4n / 1 oz 5nw  – 2 oz. 2o vol
Mids and Ends – Flashlift and 20 vol
Glaze – 2 oz 8wg/ 2 oz Processing solution

Step 1 – Tease all hair starting in the middle of the hair strand leaving 5 inches of hair at bottom unteased
Step 2 – Apply root color to roots and feather down to the teased area of the hair.
step 3 – Apply lightener to the ends of hair unteased
step 4 – Process 35 minutes, pulling the foils when the hilightes get to a golden color and and then rinsing ends trying not to get water on any of the root color.
step 5 – Shampoo and towel dry.  Apply glaze and let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse, shampoo, condition and blow dry.  The hardest part is the comb out process.

Walla, Enjoy my interpretation of Jared Leto’s Hair Color  :)