Golden Delight!


Golden Delight!  This is exactly what I think of when one of my favorite clients comes to see me for a color refresher, and a delight she absolutely is!!!  She is a brunette client of mine whom I used to do a typical foil hiliight on, however, after giving her my color spiel, she trusted me to give her a more g

to you, therefor leaving you with the possibility of having a life long client.  Also, not to worry if you see her less, this can be a positive thing for you as well, allowing you the opportunity to fit more clients into your schedule! Here is my Golden Delight color formula which I absolutely love for brunettes!lamorous,  and up to date look.  We started by putting a lot more of her natural color back into her base, as well as adding golden honey hilights verses her previous, super light blonde.  The added bonus, her hair is much more healthy and she doesn’t have to see me as often due to the more soft and natural grow out process.  My modo is, never be afraid to save your client money, she will trust you and be loyal