Celebrity Copycat, Kim K!


Last night, as I was catching up on  some very important E News, I stumbled across a picture of Kim Kardashian, showing off her new and improved darker hair color.  I’m loving the fact that she is going back to her roots, literally!  I’ve always thought darker shades suited Mrs. Kardashian best, bringing out her sexy and exotic features, but can you really blame a girl for wanting to give blonde a shot?  Kim Kardashian’s new hair color reminded me of one of my client’s hair I recently did and blogged about.  See my post titled “What a difference a GLAZE makes,” to get my version of Kim K’s new hair color.  I happen to think it is almost an exact copycat of my, Mocha Latte color formula.

hairloveandmakeup – What a difference a GLAZE makes!.




2 thoughts on “Celebrity Copycat, Kim K!

  1. Loving your new blog! I think Kim can pull blonde off well, but I love her much better as a brunette for sure!

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