Sarah Jessica Parker – Celebrity Copycat Color!

I’ve always loved Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair and so when I thought of the perfect person that could represent this color formula I did today, Mrs. SJP is who came to mind.  I thought I would honor her hair and all her talents, her latest being her new shoe line, The SJP Collection.  Check it out at

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What an amazing and fun transformation I did on a new client today.  One of my favorite things about doing a color change is when I am given an incredible foundation to work with and today I was given exactly that!  I had never met this gorgeous beauty before today and the only thing I knew about her hair was that she had colored it dark brown a while back and recently attempted to go a bit lighter.  Below is the picture I was sent so that I could see what I’d be starting with.


Although her hilightes were done well there was not an overall cohesiveness in tonality because her natural hair (a medium ashy blonde) was about 3 inches long while her ends still had a base of her previous dark brown tint.  This left her hair at the top looking completely different then the hair at the bottom which can happen when a person with very long hair decides to do color change from dark to light without doing a color correction first.

The great thing about this type of hair at the moment is that Ombre and Balayage are all the rage, so I knew that by doing this technique on her hair we could reverse the problem and leave her hair looking stunning!

Stylists, when you have a client with this situation it’s best to break the hair down into zones and consider what each zone of the hair shaft will do with the color formulation you chose to use.  It is a high possibility in this circumstance that you may first need to do a color cleanse 0r perhaps use several different formulas on the same strand of hair to achieve your desired result.  The number one thing I’ve learned to help me become a better colorist, NEVER SKIP STEPS!  Honesty is the best policy and if you have to do more work to get the outcome your client desires then the ticket will have to be adjusted to cover your added work and time.   Is that really so bad?  Never compromise the quality of your work.

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