Passionately Platinum!


Passionately Platinum!



As I’m building and creating my blog hairloveandmakeup, I’m searching high and low for images of hair color that I love. Some are too sexy, others plain boring, but what I’m finding stands out the most are those pictures that tell me a story. When I look at this blonde I see so much of what the hair color represents (to me). A powerful woman, one who even if she tries cannot stop people from staring at her when she enters a room. A woman who knows her worth and thinks highly of herself, as do others. A woman that although may be sexy and fun, has a brain full of wits and mystery hiding behind her long blond locs! I am a blonde, I love the hair color blonde and for me this picture is the perfect fit! Enjoy my version of her Passionately Platinum Color Formula.


Natural Level – 6/7
Current Color – 2 inches new growth, level 10 to 12 hilightes
Hair Condition – Normal to Dry,Texture Fine

Always follow manufacturers mixing instructions which may vary depending on color line. Only to be applied and mixed by a licensed cosmetology professional.


Color Line – Loreal Professional/Redken

Roots – 1 oz 9.22 / 1 oz 9.01 – 30 vol
Hilightes – Ammonia Free Lightener 30 vol

Glaze – eq shades – 1 oz 9n/ 1oz clear – 2 oz processing solution

Step 1 – Foil Hilight the hair in thin slices throughout the head – making sure not to overlap previously lightened hair that is already lifted to a bright blonde (crucial in keeping hair healthy)
Step 2 – Apply Root Formula in between foils
step 3 – process for 35 minutes (check often to make sure hair is not over processing.  If your timing is slow then I would suggest doing the root color first, process rinse, blow-dry and then foil)
step 5 – shampoo, towel dry, glaze for 5 minutes, rinse, condition.

Walla, Enjoy this Passionately Platinum Hair Color!!