Oscar Predictions!

The OSCARS are almost here, I can’t hardly wait until Sunday… YAY!    I look forward every year to watching the Oscars as I feel they are truly the most glamorous of all award shows.  I am thrilled that Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting, her genuine smile and light hearted funny personality will make the long show a breeze […]

Before & After Fun!

What A Difference a Cut Makes!           BEFORE                                                        AFTER I had so much fun with this lovely lady today!    When I first met […]

My ‘TOP 10 TIPS’ To Treat Your Hair Like It Deserves!

Reblog.  I want to stress the importance of what a difference these tips I give you below can truly make to the overall appearance of your hair.  I have fine hair myself and have always worn it pretty blonde.  I must say for it’s texture and color I think It looks the best it can […]

Flowers & Stripes & Everything Nice!

Flowers & Stripes & Everything Nice C Spring 2014 is going to bring some colorful and eye catching trends your way!  One of these trends that I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of is the combination of floral and stripes.  Fashion Week was filled with collections where flowers and stripes were paired in unexpected […]

Red & Pink Lipstick Pix – Happy Valentine’s Day xoxo

Which Red Lipstick is Your Favorite???  Below is mine, Pink too xo HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY XOXO! Since this day is all about Red and Pink I thought why not share with you my absolute favorite Red and Pink Lipstick Pix.  Finding the right lipstick shades can sometime be as tough as finding a needle in […]

Celebrity Copycat – Minka Kelly – Settle Auburn Ombre… Wowzer!

I had a blast witht this BEAUTY today!  Between juggling kids, unexpected doctors appointments,  rambunctious pets and straight up busy schedules we managed to get this gorgeous new color accomplished today!  I love all my mom friends and appreciate how patient and understanding we are with each other.  I think her patience paid off today […]

HAIR Is Your Best Accessory, Treat It Accordingly!

Hair is your BEST ACCESSORY!   This is something I learned a few years back after taking a class with one of the top Celebrity Colorists out there, Nancy Braun.   She is famous for perfecting the balayage technique and has graced many famous heads of hair with her talent such as; Cameron Diaz, Jessica […]

Afternoon Beauty Snack Fact: Men LOVE Women’s Hair and We LOVE Theirs!

Afternoon Beauty Snack Fact, Men LOVE  women’s hair and we LOVE theirs! I came across a fun read this afternoon that I thought I’d share. In 2012 popular dating site Match.com did their 3rd annual study called, Singles In America.  One of the key things they found in this study is that, the top 3 things […]

Orange is the New Red, Lipstick That Is!

ORANGE is the new red and I’m LOVING it!  Red is seriously sexy, but Orange is fantastically flirtatious. The 2014 Runways and Red Carpets were filled with celebrities and models wearing this scrumptious new shade, making it obvious that Orange will be the new lip color for Spring.  Wether you want it out-of-this-world orange or […]

Dark Circle Dilema!

THE DILEMA… Dark circles and puffiness under the eyes are honestly something I was lucky enough to escape until I had children.   It’s like, I woke up one day, from my newly adopted 3 hour sleep cycle to a horrible site…. red, puffy, watery eyes outlined in huge, grayish-purple what I hate to call “raccoon goggles.”  I […]

Video, How to Apply Mineral Makeup!

Hi Everyone, Here is the you tube link of my first “how to” video titled,  “How to Apply Mineral Makeup.” Since I wrote a blog posting titled “Flawless Foundation,” I thought why not demonstrate how easy this makeup is to apply and how amazing it can make your skin look and feel! Through this process, […]

Celebrity Copycat, Kim K!

Last night, as I was catching up on  some very important E News, I stumbled across a picture of Kim Kardashian, showing off her new and improved darker hair color.  I’m loving the fact that she is going back to her roots, literally!  I’ve always thought darker shades suited Mrs. Kardashian best, bringing out her […]

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Let’s Go Bronco’s   My Son TJ and I, ready for game time. Yay for Super Bowl Sunday!  Although my beloved 49ers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, I am still looking forward to game time!  Since the Seahawks were the culprits of taking the 49ers out, Bronco’s are the team I’ll […]

What a difference a GLAZE makes!

  What a difference a GLAZE makes, seriously!  If I could change my middle name to Glaze, I think I would do it happily…. lol!   No but really, glazes are so important to the overall appearance of your clients hair color.  Is it necessary to do one after each and every color application… I […]


I’m loving the color Plum right now, which I think we’ll be seeing quite a bit of this year, in 2014.  I had so much fun changing up my clients look today to this, Pretty and Plumtastic shade!      We have been doing a beautiful, ginger copper-red color formula on her for quite some […]